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Victor Alpha 2

New version of Stereo Panning Mixer/Output module

This is the second version of the 4 channel Stereo Panning Mixer/Output module. In difference of the first incarnation (which will stay available) Victor Alpha 2 have in addition a headphones output with its independent volume control

and is also able to send the output via Bluetooth to the wireless speakers/headphones. This helps to make modular setups portable, to move and play anywhere. Even at studio or at home to sit on the couch with your modular synth without moving all the "logistics" of cables, sound cards, amps, speakers.. But be aware: it's in this relaxed position that the 'chef d'oeuvres' are often made :)

It keeps its badass '80s tape decks-style led VU Meter!

Designed and hand assembled in Marseille

Available July '21

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