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Blk BLC is a Quad Linear Voltage Controlled Amplifier / Voltage Controlled Mixer / Distortion module 

6 hp
25 mm deep
Reverse voltage protected

65 mA +12V, 65 mA -12V

Details & use:


Blk bLc is an Ultra Compact (6 hp) High Performance Quad Linear VCA and a Voltage Controlled Mixer at once. 

It also benefits from the strange new technology: "Advanced Calibration Amplifier Block"-the effect that can be engaged by pressing ACAB button. 

VCAs use High Performance chips and like all good quality VCAs they're dead silent in absence of CV signals, so no unwanted cross-talks, "bleed-through" offset voltages, etc. 

Module performs also as VC mixer since the CV channels are connected in cascaded way so the outputs will send out the mix of previous channels if they're not patched individually. That way, for exemple, you'll have a summed mix of all four channels by using the forth output and if ACAB button is pressed it will be applied on the whole mix - or, if the channels are used individually, it will be applied only on the fourth channel.

The module is DC coupled so it convenient for both audio & cv use. 

VCAs have CV attenuators for all four channels and also have two offset attenuators for first two channels.

"And what happens when I press ACAB ?" Well, be aware: in difference of the clean mix when not in use -once ACAB button pressed it will smash your drums into peaces and boost and distort your synth lines!

It works just like on/off button but the intensity and the overall impact of the effect can be at some point controlled by the VCA controls- manually or by the use of CVs as it will act differently depending on gain/level and type of signal (LFOs, envelopes or inverted envelopes for ex.will increase/decrease levels and therefore change the way how the mix will be overdriven) This especially when we take in consideration that offsets & CVs pushed to maximum will already produce clipping.

*if you find ACAB too loud/agressive & noisy you can attenuate it via small trimmer pot inside the module with a small screwdriver.

Tip: In combo with ENA Quad Envelope who provides exponential envelopes with this linear VCAs it gives great results in terms of dynamics, clarity & precision. 

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