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Victor Alpha 2 is a 4 channel Stereo Panning Mixer / Output module with VU Meter, Headphones amp and Bluetooth connectivity

35 mm deep
Reverse voltage protected

75mA +12V, 25mA -12V

Details & use:

This mixer takes 4 mono signals, transform them to stereo and allows panoramic control over every mix channel as well as their level.
The potentiometers of panning control are with "center detent" which allows you to always know precisely where is the exact center.

The mix signal is scaled thru op-amps buffers to what will correspond to a line level so the mixer is supposed to be placed at the end of the chain to serve as an Output of your modular.
It has separate Left an Right outputs to be used together for stereo output.

It can of course be used also in typical stereo mixing purposes within the system for stereo patches.

The mixer uses high-performance IC borrowed from Hi-Fi world for the output buffer, with high-speed precision audio- to deliver very low noise, clean sound.

The output signal is indicated by the led VU meter which uses two Matsushita ICs calibrated for that purpose.
The leds are selected for lowest power consumption. (The vu meter can be turned off if desired by taking off two jumpers on the back of the module)


VA 2 has a headphones output with its independent volume control. As always: be careful with your ears especially with modular and its "hot" signals, avoid to listen on high volume level!


VA 2 is also capable to send output via Bluetooth to your wireless speakers/headphones. As all Modulaire Maritime cases can work on batteries/power banks this is a fun addition to make your modular setup portable- to move and play easily anywhere!

Made for more fun with a modular!


Note: BT devices are not a common tool in sound creating environment mainly because of latency which is proper to those devices. Here, this latency not depends entirely of VA2 but also of the BT protocol supported by the receiving/listening device: the more recent devices will have a very minor latency. However unlike other instruments or keyboards, modular synths in certain ways might not be too concerned by this, as we don't feel this much when the sequencer is playing and while we turn the knobs but it will be noticeable when playing a keyboard or in general with any manual quick change, etc. (In fact this rather depends of the style & use -for exemple when used with slow envelopes, drones, ambients, etc. this shouldn't be too noticeable)

Anyway for the more 'serious', studio use you'll use VA2's regular stereo outs while the BT is rather to be taken as a handy gadget. BT circuit is completely isolated from the rest of the circuit -to keep the regular outputs clean and at the same time to keep more quite digital BT device's out in terms of background emitting noise.


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