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*Aden - town in Yemen, was the capital of former South Yemen, the only socialist-marxist state in Arabic world.

Powered Eurorack case in aluminium with african teck wood sides.
Handmade in France. 
No false varnishing tent on wood but its true color although protected against traces of hands, the wet etc. Body is in 1,5mm thick aluminium, hard built and painted (deep black matt) with varnish protection . 
The case is 61 mm deep, confortable for most of the modules, (approx. 40mm above power supply, this concernes 5hp space in the case), yet the case is extremely elegant.
Bolts for mounting modules in the rails.

Power supply: 250 mA +12 and 250 mA -12 V . 100 mA at 5V (derived from + rail)
Short-circuit/ Overload / Over voltage protected.
On/Off switch and 2.1 mm power adapter jack built-in on the back. 
Fixed power rail with 6 power headers.
(Please send a message if you need a stronger PSU, most probably this one is sufficient for this small case)


Exists in: 32hp, 36hp and 42hp versions

Note : AC wall adapter/tranformer not included. It's an ordinary AC/DC wall adapter, the in-case psu will accept everything between 9-36 V (so any universal will work too) .

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