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Here you can find a power supply and busboard for your personal case project.
Choose the size and power option that suits you in the menu above.


- MM10 USB/DC Power Supply 416 mA +12V, 416 mA -12V, 40 mA 5V (derived from positive rail)
with 8 connectors for modules
- MM11. 250 mA +12V, 250 mA -12V, 100 mA 5V (derived from positive rail) 
a power supply with integrated busboard with 6 connectors.

- MM21. 620 mA +12V, -620 mA -12V , busboard not included, you'll choose a busboard separately

- MM22. 834 mA +12V, -834 mA -12V , busboard not included, sold separately 

- MM Cargo. 1250 mA +12V, 1250 mA -12V, 5V 150mA, busboard not included - sold separately

- Busboard w/ 9 power headers and 5V circuit onboard (100 mA derived from positive rail)

- Busboard w/ 14 power headers and 5V circuit onboard (100 mA derived from positive rail)


- All Power Supplies are High Efficiency with Short-circuit / Overload / Over voltage protection (Recovers automatically after fault condition is removed)
- Very low noise
- Compact, only 13 mm tall! Perfect for shallow, elagant cases.
- Lightweight - few grams
- You don't deal with main voltages and get your life in danger and more importantly the life of your modules! :))

Power Supplies provides two ways of connections:
- Terminals - to simply connect it to a busboard 
- and one 16 pin header- if you want to use it with a flying busboard
(on the strongest option Cargo 1250 two flying busboards can be connected) 

If you buy a PSU and the busboard- dc jack and power button can be pre-installed, if desired-so all you have to do is to fix it in your case.

Install it directly in wooden case or use a standoffs if conductive, metal case.

NOTE: External adapter/power supply is not provided. 
To keep it simple choose one of 12V as it is the most general and less expensive. If you already have one but is 15V or 18V no problem-it will work also the PSU's have large V entry, they'll take everything between 9 and 22V. There are tones of these everywhere from 3€ to 15€ for stronger ones. 

For a smallest PSU MM11 you can take one of 500mA for eg. 
For these two (MM21 & MM22) you can take one of 2A (2000mA) 
For the strongest one Cargo you'll choose a 36W 3A or more.

Use a good USB cable (some are made only for data so not able to power devices). 
If used with power bank use a 2.4A output for tablets/ quick charging. 
Smart phone/iPhone charger can be used for a small not too power hungry modular setup, for more power demanding setups use a stronger charger for tablets.
To fully exploit the power of this PSU use a DC input with external adapter of 3A for exemple 
Max. DC in 9V (in difference with other PSUs above this one is limited to 9V max)

Power supply & busboard

30,00 €Price
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