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«Sindikat »* is made to be placed in the heart of every modular setup: copy, invert, attenuate, scale, get different polarity versions simultaneusly of two pair of mixes, mix cv as well as audio (up to 8 sources in total), mute or switch to add desired source to a bigger unity mix, scale two separate mixes with chosen gain.. All circuits can preserve their independent use and/or be combined! 

CV Processor/Buffered Mult./Summing Signal Mixer
25mm deep
Reverse voltage protected

Details & use:

The module consists of circuits designed to group the most useful operations for signal mingling in modular synth setups -but in the more fun manner! 
It is designed in the way that the circuits can function independently -be patched to the other modules- or to be combined inside the module at the same time!

On the top of the module there is a buffered multiple (the bi-color led is indicating signal input and its polarity): Next to the input there are two outputs giving the exact copy of the incoming signal. On the third output you'll get the 'attenuverted" version of that signal which is controllable by the dedicated attenuator/inverter potentiometer. 
This signal can be further added (or muted) via its switch, internally to a unity gain mixer situated on the bottom of the module.
This mixer has its own 3 inputs who will accept CVs as well as audio signals with an output gain of 1/3.
Its bi-color led will indicate the polarity of the incoming signals.

In the center of the module there is a CV Processor consisting of two mixers each mixing two signals- in the way that: 
The first one takes two signals (A and B) and outputs simultaneously the positive version of their mix (AB+ OUT) and the negative version (AB- OUT).
Their gain is scaled by the potentiometer: going on 1x in the middle position to 2x fully turned. (With stronger signals (10V) after half to the full position it will start to saturate creating an effect.) 
Further, via their switch, those mixes also can be added to a unity gain mix (SUMM OUT) and therefore creating a larger mix.
You'll do that by choosing which polarity output you want to send to a summing mix.
In the middle position of the switch the signal is "off" so you can use this to mute/unmute the signal in the unity mix. Also, even if it is in "off" position this only breaks the internal link to a unity mix but you can still use the outputs to send your positive and negative mixes elsewhere in your system.

Goes the same for the second one: C and D inputs giving positive (CD+) output result and negative (CD-) simultaneously , all with gain select and the switch choice for summ positive or negative (or none) to a bigger unity mix.
You can also choose to use those two circuits as a simple attenuators for ex. by patching only one signal so you'll get an attenuator and polarizer at once!
The module can process CV and audio as well in every circuit.
Therefore, by summing eventually all the signals to a final "SUMM OUT" output you can create up to 8 sources -in the module- large mix! 

Made for more fun with a modular!

Modulaire Maritime "Sindikat", eurorack module

145,00 €Price
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