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USB/DC Powered Eurorack case: 

48 hp

416 mA +12V, 416 mA -12V, 100 mA 5V (devived from positive rail)

530 g


Usb connector type B

Dc input 9V max.

Note: USB cable not included. Battery/power bank not included.

Beside USB this case can work with ordinary 9V adapter also.

With ordinary iPhone/Smartphone charger (often rated 1 Ampère) only few non-power-hungry module can work (like a simple monosynth setup with analog modules). To use it with more power demanding modules use a 2.1 A charger for tablets/quick charge for smartphones. Same for power banks/batteries-use a 2.1 A output of the power bank. 

To use a full potential of PSU in the case- use a 9V adapter with 3A or more.

Shipping thru 2-5 working days.


Update: Version B of the case added.

Same case this version have different PSU - less performant with USB (anyway all good powerbanks have DC cable output now) 150mA but works with standard 12V dc and can go up to 450mA. This one is a bit taller also (23mm) so plan some thin module above PSU


Conteneur 085. USB/DC Powered case

180,00 €Price
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