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"Cargo" is a Power Supply module for your eurorack modularsynth.


- 4hp
- Depth: 38mm
- 30W
- 1250mA +12V, 1250mA -12V, 200mA 5V. 
- Large V entry: from 10 to 36V.
- High efficiency- up to 91%
- Short-circuit / Overload / Over voltage protection (Recovers automatically after fault condition is removed)

- Flexibility of use: you can use it as a module or take off the panel and install it inside the case (has holes for that purpose)
- Can be used with two flying busboards but also have terminals to connect the fixed busboards.
- Leds indicating all three power rails presence.

NOTE 1: No busboard included. 

NOTE 2: External power supply is not provided, sold separately.

If you want to use your own:
To keep it simple you can choose one of 12V as it is the most general and less expensive (but if you already have one, the module have large V entry so it will take 15V, 18V, 24V.. also). The plug is 2.1mm , center positive. You'll choose a 40W 3A or more (or 60W  5A also for eg.) There are tones of these everywhere from 10€ to 15€- 20€. Ask for a link if you're not sure..

Modulaire Maritime "Cargo", Eurorack Power module

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