* Accra - the capital city of Ghana, the first country of Black Africa who gained independence and abandoned the colonial name (Côte de l'Or) becoming Republic of Ghana.


Eurorack case 6U, in aluminium with exotic wood sides - Gaïac de Cayenne or Padouk.
Completely handmade in France. 
(No false varnishing tent on wood but its true color although protected against traces of hands, the wet etc.) 
Double frames are in 1,5mm thick aluminium, hard built - the middle side is also in aluminium - with a hole for cables between the rows (not just a aluminium rails fixed on wood like in conventional cases). 
Black painted (deep black matt) with varnish protection.
The case is 65 mm deep, confortable for most of the modules.
Sliding nuts for mounting modules in the rails.

Power supply: 1250 mA +12 and 1250 mA -12 V, 100 mA 5V .
Short-circuit / Overload/ Overvoltage protected - Recovers automatically after fault condition is removed. 
EMI filter. High efficiency. 
On/Off switch and power adapter jack built-in on the back. 
Two fixed power distribution boards with 25 connectors 

Note1: Wall PSU/adapter not provided, the case will take everything between 12 and 36 V, 40W (or more) power brick adapter with 3A or more will be good for 54hp and 68hp cases, standard center positive, 2,1 mm plug.

We have them periodicaly here on the shop, high quality ones and are sold separately.

If not you can find those PSUs from 10€ on Amazon or elsewhere, there are tones of these, ask for a link if not sure

Modulaire Maritime "Accra" 6U, Eurorack case, 68 hp, Powered

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