Unique Eurorack modular synthesizer equipement . Designed and completely handmade in Marseille.


Modulaire Maritime eurorack modules

Check out the new Modulaires Maritime eurorack modules made for more fun with a modular! Find a modules details in "module" section and more about this 32hp case in "cases" section


Sindikat* (in serbo/croat- Union of workers) is a module made to be placed in the heart of every modular setup: copy, invert, attenuate, scale, get different polarity versions simultaneusly of two pair of mixes, mix cv as well as audio (up to 8 sources in total), mute or switch to add desired source to a bigger unity mix, scale two separate mixes with chosen gain.. All circuits can preserve their independent use and/or be combined! The module will be available in February . 8 hp Depth: 25 mm

Victor Alpha 1

Victor Alpha 1 is a 4 channel Stereo Mixer / Output module with VU meter

Modulaire Maritime "Decca", eurorack module

*"DECCA" was a hyperbolic radionavigation system. It was developed during the Second World War by the Allies to allow precise landings. The system was turned off in the spring of 2000 when GPS took over. 8 hp 25 mm deep 20mA +12V 5mA -12V Price: 110 € This module is a manual control module for modular synth. Thought for live performance or to bring more manual control while recording in "one take" the module is, at the same time: -Voltage source -Manual CV-Gate -Muting - Control module Details & use: Two voltage source's outputs (at the top) provides voltages from 0 to 5V. This voltages are precise, buffered thru op-amp and are controllable by potentiometers. Each have a dedicated


"Cargo" is a Power Supply module for your eurorack modularsynth. Characteristics: - 4hp - Depth: 38mm - 30W - 1250mA +12V, 1250mA -12V, 200mA 5V. - Large V entry: from 10 to 36V. - High efficiency- up to 91% - Short-circuit / Overload / Over voltage protection (Recovers automatically after fault condition is removed) - Flexibility of use: you can use it as a module or take off the panel and install it inside the case (has holes for that purpose) - Can be used with two flying busboards but also have terminals to connect the fixed busboards. - Leds indicating all three power rails presence. NOTE 1: No busboard included. After purchasing a module you can have a 20% discount on Mo

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MM Conteneur 085. USB/DC

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